Jun 26, 2023
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The Inclusivity of Pilates: Abby Suskin's Insights on Its Accessibility for Everyone

Movement is for everyone. Join us for a conversation about Pilates as a modality for the world, with renowned New York City Pilates Instructor, Abby Suskin.
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The Inclusivity of Pilates: Abby Suskin's Insights on Its Accessibility for Everyone

A Modality for Life

Pilates is a versatile and transformative exercise method that has gained popularity worldwide. With its focus on strength, flexibility, and core stability, Pilates offers numerous benefits for people of all ages and fitness levels. In this blog post, we will explore the inclusivity of Pilates and delve into the experiences shared by Abby Suskin, a Pilates expert based in New York City. Abby's journey with Pilates and her perspective on its accessibility for everyone shed light on the versatility and adaptability of this movement modality.

A Journey of Movement

Abby's introduction to Pilates began during her college years as cross-training for dance and circus arts. Coming from a physically demanding background, she discovered that both yoga and Pilates played a vital role in keeping her injury-free. However, it wasn't until she took her first reformer class that she felt a deep connection with Pilates. The precise instruction and emphasis on anatomy and movement resonated with her experience, helping her understand her body better.

Inclusivity and Adaptability

One of the standout features of Pilates is its inclusivity. It can be tailored to accommodate individuals with various physical restrictions or specific needs. Whether it's adapting exercises for pregnancy or modifying movements for elderly individuals working on balance, Pilates offers a diverse range of options. The method's adaptability is exemplified by its incorporation into physical therapy settings, where it serves as a tool for rehabilitation and relearning movement mechanics.

Pilates sells itself. That's my favorite thing about it because I think that it is for everyone. It's accessible to everyone and as a movement modality it is so good for you.

Pilates as a Tool for Rehabilitation

Abby highlights the importance of Pilates in physical therapy. While traditional physical therapy focuses on rehabilitating specific injuries, Pilates complements this process by helping individuals reintegrate movement into their daily lives. By engaging in Pilates, people can strengthen the areas of their body affected by injury while developing a better understanding of movement mechanics. This approach promotes long-term recovery and minimizes the risk of re-injury.

The Benefits of Pilates

When asked about her favorite aspects of Pilates, Abby emphasizes its universal appeal. Pilates is accessible to everyone and offers a multitude of benefits. It promotes mobility, strength, and flexibility throughout one's life. Abby believes that Pilates is a movement modality that can be practiced every day without overdoing it, as it helps individuals maintain their physical well-being.

A Philosophy of Empowerment

During the interview, Abby summed up her philosophy on Pilates into a motto: there’s no need to suffer. She embodies a philosophy of empowerment in her approach to Pilates. Her goal is to make clients feel good, work hard, and challenge themselves while ensuring they don't needlessly suffer. She believes in adapting exercises to accommodate individuals' needs and making the practice accessible to everyone.

The Pilates Community

Abby finds inspiration from her peers within the Pilates community. The contemporary Pilates world, rooted in anatomy, physiology, and modern exercise science, encourages creativity and continuous growth. By engaging with fellow Pilates practitioners, Abby discovers new perspectives and problem-solving approaches, enriching her practice as a teacher.

A Lifelong Pursuit

Abby Suskin's experiences and insights highlight the inclusivity and accessibility of Pilates. Its adaptability to various needs and restrictions, coupled with its potential for rehabilitation, make Pilates a movement modality that can benefit individuals of all backgrounds. With its focus on strength, flexibility, and core stability, Pilates empowers individuals to understand and connect with their bodies, fostering a lifelong connection to one's body.

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