Intro to Climbing (60 mins)

Long Island City
New York

Learn the basics of bouldering in a small-group setting during this 1-hour class. Our 60-minute introductory class provides foundational coaching in a small-group setting with a 1:6 maximum instructor to participant ratio. You will meet new climbers and receive expert instruction on the basics of climbing and an overview of your local BKB location. The curriculum will set you up with the best knowledge to kick off your new adventure. Instruction takes place on both ropes and boulders.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to build your skills
  • Getting to the top of a climb
  • Basic climbing knowledge while bouldering
  • How to make tweaks and important corrections to improve your climbing technique


  • Rental gear for the class and the remainder of your visit

Who Should Take It:

All levels are welcome, ages 14 and up. Our team can customize instruction based on individual skill sets.

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Brooklyn Boulders - Queensbridge

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