Green Ball [Ages 10 & 11] (60 mins)

Upper East Side
New York
9 - 12 years
$4,550/per 40 hours of training; $24,990/per 40 hours of private / private group lesson

This program follows the mandated United States Tennis Association Junior Pathway and will be conducted on 78ft (full) courts with lower pressure green dot balls. Curriculum will vary based on experience and ability, with the goal to develop or refine technique and provide players with the tools to meet their goals. Groupings will be created with consideration of playing ability and age and players will utilize faster green dot balls. Emphasis will be placed on skills application in live ball (point play) situations. Children will be separated into groups and curriculum will be adjusted according to ability and age. Max 6 per court with general 4:1 student/instructor average ratio.

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For more information including availability, pricing and registration please contact Director Michael Filipek at or Asst. Director Rick LaVere at Telephone: 212-987-0301
Yorkville Tennis

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