Grassroots I (90 mins)

New York
3 - 5 years
5 - 7 years
Free or low-cost. Pricing per applicant

Grassroots I is our beginners class. These are the youngest (and generally smallest) students in the program who are first taught basic tennis skills using larger, softer, and slower tennis balls known as the 'Red Ball' on a 36-ft court. This approach enables these youngsters to see the ball more clearly and helps diminish any initial fears they may have of faster and higher bouncing balls.

During these sessions, young players develop hand-eye coordination, balance, and agility in a game-based setting as they begin to understand the sport. Our coaches focus on keeping the game as simple and enjoyable as possible to prevent frustrations for this young group. Grassroots I meets twice weekly for a total of 3 hours.

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Harlem Junior Tennis & Education Program

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