Beginner Surf Class - Point Pleasant (60 mins)

Point Pleasant
New York

About the Beginner's Surf Class

This one-hour class is a guided group surf experience, where students are given the opportunity for independent practice in an organized setting. Instructors & Counselors guide students entering the water, navigating the lineup, and selecting waves with other beginner students. At the conclusion of the session, instructors offer insight and give feedback as to what steps are next for each surfer. The Beginner Surf Class is open to students 15 years and older.

This Group Class is HIGHLY recommended for:

  • First-time surfers who are comfortable swimming in the ocean waves
  • Returning surfers who are still learning the basics
  • Anyone who feels confident that they will have a positive experience surfing based on their athletic ability and general health

This Group Class is NOT recommended for:

  • Non-swimmers
  • Anyone uncomfortable or apprehensive about going in the ocean
  • Surfers with intermediate or advanced surfing experience. If this is you, check out the Adult Surf Club

What's included in this Beginner Surf Class:

  • Beginner surfboard
  • Wetsuit & rash guard
  • On-Land Instruction: quick review of basic techniques, surfing conditions report, & safety practices guide
  • In-Water Instruction: a combination of instructional coaching & some hands-on assistance

What to Bring to Class:

  • Sunscreen applied
  • Towel
  • Water bottle
  • Ocean-appropriate swimwear (i.e. suits that won't fall off in the water)


  • Wetsuit (if you have one)
  • Beginner Soft Surfboard (if you have one)

>> Note: Fiberglass surfboards for intermediate/advanced classes only

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