Advanced 1- Stroke Readiness (30 mins) - Ages 5+

Upper East Side
New York
5 - 7 years
7 - 9 years
9 - 12 years
12 - 16 years
16 - 18 years
$480/per 10-class session, $48 per class

Swimmers (ages 5 and up) have passed the Beginner 2 level and can swim independently for 4-6 feet. Students should be able to properly demonstrate all primary skills (floating, gliding, streamline, freestyle) without assistance. Swimmers will further develop balance & coordination, fundamentals of backstroke and freestyle with rotary breathing. Swimmers are introduced to breaststroke, butterfly and dives from a kneeling/standing position.

Skills: Rhythmic breathing, freestyle, backstroke, kneeling and standing dives, elementary backstroke, introduction to breaststroke and butterfly.

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Physique Swimming - Upper East - Yorkshire Towers

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