Adult - Learn to Swim Intermediate (60 mins)

Mott Haven
New York
$68/per class or $558 per 9-Class Full Semester

Ages 18+

At Splash Fit, our adult learn to swim program is designed to make you feel comfortable in all aspects of the aquatic environment. Levels are similar to our LTS classes and each session is structured to achieve your goals no matter the age or experience. We believe that the water is the perfect tool for exercise due to the least amount of pressure on your body’s joints during physical activity. Whether you’re interested in overcoming childhood fears or looking to train for distance swimming, we have the right program that best fits your needs.


(Swimming for Fitness)

In INTERMEDIATE, participants improve proficiency in basic aquatic skills and all swimming strokes learned to build endurance and stamina while swimming longer distances.

Prerequisites: Participants must be comfortable in deep water, able to submerge completely, and show strokes that can be recognized as front crawl, breaststroke, and backstroke each for at least 15 to 20 yards.

Course Objectives:

  • Bobbing While Moving Forward (Doggy Paddle)
  • Rotary Breathing (Stationed)
  • Streamline Kick (Flutter)
  • Streamline Kick (Dolphin)
  • Front Crawl 10 to 15 yards (Freestyle)
  • Breaststroke Kick
  • Elementary Backstroke
  • Headfirst Entry From Sitting/Kneeling Position
  • Deep Water Treading
  • Introduction to Backstroke and Butterfly

Class Ratio: 5 swimmers to 1 Coach

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Splash Fit Swim Club - Mott Haven

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