Adult Beginner Swim Lessons (60 mins)

Los Angeles
$132/per month, 1 lesson/ per week

No Entry Level Requirement. This class is designed to introduce the fearful or inexperienced adult to the water. Adults will learn how to relax and feel comfortable in the water. Once a certain level of comfort is achieved adults will be taught breath control, how to float on their belly and back, glide, and then progress to a basic paddle stroke. Freestyle will be taught and practiced until mastered. Adults will also learn to float on their back while kicking.

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To register for swim lessons we will need to create an account for you and your family. The account can be made online or over the phone by providing basic information. Patrons may register for a class online, or over the phone at (626)564-0330 ext. 601. We will need a form of payment to complete the registration and hold your spot. All major credit cards, cash, and checks are accepted. Full payment must be made at the time of registration.
Rose Bowl Aquatics Center

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