2 Week Swim Immersion Intermediate (30 mins)

Valley Village
Los Angeles
3 - 5 years
5 - 7 years
7 - 9 years
$450/per student, 10-class full semester

Ages 3.5 years and up! 30-minute class, Monday - Friday for 2 consecutive weeks. This course will continue swim education, renew confidence and fix any ‘bad habits’. It focuses on getting them back to the level they were the previous summer and moving towards stroke instruction classes. Intermediate is perfect for the child who is swimming a short distance on their own and needs to work on coming up for air by themselves.

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Go to fitli.com or download the fitli app to your phone, search for iSwimm10!, create an account using your child's name, not yours. Select class date and time you want and purchase the one class package to pay for it.

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