2 Week Swim Immersion Beginner (30 mins)

Valley Village
Los Angeles
3 - 5 years
5 - 7 years
7 - 9 years
$450/per student, 10-class full semester

Ages 3.5 years and up! 30-minute class, Monday - Friday for 2 consecutive weeks. Our signature iSwimin10 program is designed to push your child past their comfort zone in order to achieve the next level of swimming. In most cases your child will begin swimming a short distance by the end of week one. Week two is devoted to building confidence. By the end of two weeks, beginner students typically will be able to: jump in the pool, swim a short distance to the instructor and or swim to the wall, grab it, and “crab walk” to the steps. They will also understand how to properly hold their breath, dive to the bottom to retrieve toys (assisted), float on their front and back, and swim a short distance from step to instructor on their own.

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Go to fitli.com or download the fitli app to your phone, search for iSwimm10!, create an account using your child's name, not yours. Select class date and time you want and purchase the one class package to pay for it.

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